Enthusiast targeted Intel Optane 900P with 3D XPoint memory scheduled for end of October

Posted 29 September 2017 17:47 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Gamers Nexus has obtained an internal Intel document which shows that the chip giant plans to release the long awaited Intel SSD 900P at the end of October this year. This drive will be the first consumer/enthusiasts targeted SSD that uses 3D XPoint memory instead of NAND flash.

(image credit: Gamer Nexus)

Previously Intel only released Optane Cache Drives, small capacity SSDs that could be used to benefit from the lowered latency and increased performance from 3D XPoint memory for frequently accessed data. SSDs that were fully based on 3D XPoint memory were till now only available for enterprise users.

The Optane 900P changes that. It will become in capacities of 280GB and 480GB and should become available to anyone who wants to pay the premium of 3D XPoint memory.

The drive will be introduced on the 27th of October during Citizen Con 2017, an event that revolves around the game Star Citizen. Intel will market the Optane 900P drive as optimized for the game.

Before the introduction no benchmarks are expected and it will be especially interesting how much more expensive 3D XPoint drives will be compared to their NAND flash memory based siblings.

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