Epiq Announces AI Solutions for Legal Industry

Legal services provider Epiq revealed its suite of offerings for law firms and legal departments, according to a press release posted on GlobeNewswire. The new solutions include pre-built artificial intelligence models, an expert team, and an innovative program for its existing services.

Epiq, which recently acquired Hyperion Research, offers an improved approach for the legal industry to make use of its practices and data sets through its existing eDiscovery Managed Service.

eDiscovery is the company’s industry-leading solution for the tailor-fit method of creating legal and business models powered by artificial intelligence. The new program combined with pre-built AI models is expected to provide a more effective and efficient process for clients.

Epiq AI Solutions for Legal Industry

Mira Edelman, senior corporate counsel at DISH Network LLC, is satisfied with the application of Epiq’s solution into the company’s operation. She said, “Partnering with Epiq’s experienced team of experts has helped us reshape processes by applying AI in a programmatic, consistent way.”

She continued, “Epiq enables us to continuously improve and evolve our discovery workflows.” This is supported by Epiq’s analysis of DISH projects showing that its services allowed the company to reduce document review volumes by 80% to 95%.

All in all, the deployment of Epiq solutions was able to make DISH more efficient. Edelman added, “This has resulted in faster reviews and significant cost savings.”

Epiq is known as one of the first companies to adopt artificial intelligence. To further cement its standing, it partnered up with Reveal to provide pre-built AI models to be included in the new library program.

This recently introduced solution seeks to empower our clients to harness AI to create sustainable value that is distinctive to their organizations, according to the company’s president of Legal Solutions Roger Pilc.

The partnership also allows the solutions provider to ensure clients’ access to AI, as well as its full capabilities with the goal of giving them more control over the optimized eDiscovery phases to ultimately bring out the client’s value.

Reveal founder and CEO Wendell Jisa is optimistic about this new development, “Reveal and Epiq have a strong partnership centered around our shared passion for providing technology and solutions that drive success and optimize outcomes for our mutual clients.”

Jisa further added, “Our stack of AI technology, including our capabilities, combined with Epiq’s world-class subject matter experts and innovative client services, puts clients in a superior position to achieve success.”