Equinix Precision Time Offers Secure Global Time Synchronization Service

Equinix, a provider of digital infrastructure, announced the launch of the Equinix Precision Time. It is an Equinix Fabric edge service that assists businesses with accurate, reliable, and secure time synchronization.

Equinix claims that providing “time as a service,” can assist clients to prevent the problems associated with time synchronization through GPS antennas or the public internet.

The traditional systems of GPS antennas timing infrastructure are difficult to set up and can expose security flaws. Moreover, using the internet to get time has its own set of security issues.

Equinix Precision Time Secure Time Synchronization Service

Time synchronization is used in a variety of industries and cloud services. It is used by financial institutions to monitor the sequence of transactions. It is needed by media organizations to properly sync audio and video feeds. Even online gaming and esports sites, use it to keep track of multiplayer games’ chronological order of play.

According to Equinix, Equinix Precision Time is globally accessible via Platform Equinix, and it can be set up in minutes. Equinix operates and manages several GPS antennas, grandmaster clocks, and atomic clock time servers to provide the service.

Equinix Precision Time is developed to be reliable and secure. It supports network timing protocols such as NTP and PTP.

The new time service has a 50-microsecond SLA. It also complies with SMPTE 2110’s time synchronization precision criteria. It also complies with FINRA and MiFID II’s time synchronization precision specifications, which include a 100-microsecond SLA standard for application timestamping.

Additionally, the Equinix Precision Time service’s integration with Equinix Fabric allows users to connect to other physical and virtual services on the Equinix platform without interruption.

Equinix was formed in 1998 and has a 20-year proven record of assisting digital leaders in staying ahead of the trend. The company connects digital infrastructure to scale quickly, supporting leading companies and service providers. It also helps firms solve their most difficult problems by simplifying and collecting the right digital foundation.

Equinix offers digital infrastructure and is a real estate investment trust. Equinix has also ventured into the platform and software markets with the introduction of Equinix Fabric, Equinix Metal, and Equinix Network Edge.

Equinix expects revenue to rise 10% to 11% in 2021 as it keeps on growing its services, cloud exchange footprint, and data center. Equinix projects sales of $1.587 billion to $1.6 billion in the first quarter, due to customer installation timing.