Eureka Pushes for Lifetime Site Hosting and Cloud Storage


Eureka unveils a lifetime, steadfast hosting service under LiteSpeed Web Server, with a 1TB cloud storage bundle for the Hosting and Storage Lifetime Subscription.

Teasing with a 90 percent discount offer, the company calls on businesses to sign up for the subscription and get lifetime site maintenance for an upfront price. A one time cost of $99 is needed to make the website live, and to maintain it throughout the years.


Beefing up with an additional benefit of 1TB of cloud storage, customers can store and deliver files, not limited to images and videos. Moreover, Eureka is featuring protection against DDoS attacks and defends websites from possible hacking due to bugs.

Eureka Lifetime Site Hosting and Cloud Storage

The $99 offer is only for a limited time, and the original price of $844 will be back after the promotion. Once signed up, the subscription will automatically renew every five years. This initial offer is designed for small to medium-sized firms, who don’t require massive storage.


Part of the bundle or subscription is the EurekaHost and EurekaDrive, comprising of the storage and site hosting. Clients with massive storage requirements can consult the provider to scale up the storage.

Focus on Speed and Security

Eureka tackles the use of LiteSpeed web servers to cater to the demands of the websites. This server can handle abrupt spikes in traffic, and at the same time, disable attacks on the website. The DDoS attacks create serious damages to the site, resulting in the collapse of the server.

Massive traffic can put down the server, as a certain number of visits can be accommodated. With LiteSpeed, the goal is to operate fast and secure, while accommodating massive site traffic. The server is also equipped with protocols to alert the site facilitators of possible attacks and breaches.

In addition, customers who avail of the subscription can also get a website builder and WordPress installation to power up the site building capabilities. The transition will be seamless, and the site works faster and more efficiently.

The 1TB cloud storage is part of the original EurekaDrive Premium plan, which includes back up, and double protection of 30-day file recovery. The company said cloud storage is guarded by SSL, which is easily manageable through a single master dashboard.

Other features of the Hosting and Storage Lifetime Subscription are the 24/7-customer support, to attend to the site and storage issues easily.