Fall Creators Update now on 5% of all Windows 10 PCs

Posted 31 October 2017 23:20 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update, that was released two weeks ago, currently runs on about 5% of all Windows 10 computers, according to a report by AdDuplex. Users update faster to the Fall Creators Update than the Creators Update released in April this year.

Most Windows 10 PCs (75%) still run that Creators Update, followed by 17% of the PCs that still run the Anniversary Update from August last year. The Fall Creators Update is gradually released, with newer and tested systems prioritized such as Microsoft’s own Surface devices.

Compared to other devices the Fall Creators Update is installed on much more Surface machines. Especially on the Surface Pro and Surface Book, the update has been installed a lot, 20% of the owners of such a device has the Fall Creators Update running compared to 5% on average on other PCs.

The Fall Creators Update introduces all kinds of new features, including several new security measures. E.g Microsoft has added Exploit Guard to Windows Defender which should protect against ransomware and other unknown and known exploits. Also more permissions are added to Windows 10, so users can better restrict which system properties apps can access and execution of VBScript in IE11 for websites in the Internet Zone and Restricted Sites Zone has been disabled.

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