Federal Police Looks Into Brazilian Presidential Leak


Nearly a month after the Brazilian presidential leak on president Jair Bolsonaro, federal police in the country revealed its findings surrounding the incident.

Despite their ongoing investigation, advances have been made and there have already been searches conducted at suspects’ homes.


The investigation follows a leak earlier this June 2020, when hacktivist group Anonymous Brazil exposed the personal information of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro on social media platform Twitter.

Federal Police Revealed Findings Into Brazilian Presidential Leak

Presidential Data Leak

On June 1, 2020, the hacking group reportedly posted the president’s income, addresses, and other personal assets on the bird app, states Forbes.


Besides the president, among the affected individuals whose data has been revealed include Carlos Bolsonaro, Flavio Bolsonaro, state deputy Douglas Garcia, Minister of Education Abraham Weintraub, and Damares Alves, the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights.

According to the Rio Times, the wife of the Minister of Education, Daniela Weintraub, was also compromised in the data leak. The co-founder of department store Havan, Luciano Hang, was also included in the systematic leak.

Though Forbes states the public at large may not care about the revelation of the president’s personal data, the exposure of such private information puts the cabinet members of the Bolsonaro administration at risk.

Political Unrest

The social media revelation came at a critical time in the country, particularly when the radical group Antifa went on destroying storefronts in Curitiba.

To help further the anti-fascist movement in the country, Forbes states professors and reports in the

Links to emails by cabinet members and supporters were supposedly found in the dark web, with around 169 emails mentioning the name ‘Trump.’ However, a blogger for Forbes, Davey Winder, notes that it appears that the hackers merely searched for the word ‘Trump’ and compiled these emails.

In a statement, Winder said, “this is about as far from dirty laundry as you can get. Many of them use Trump as a verb and those that do mention President Trump only do so in passing.”

Police Investigation

Around 20 federal police officers conducted an investigation surrounding the, with investigators searching the homes of suspects. According to ZD Net, police evidence points to three teenagers as responsible for the hacking incident.

Following the investigation, ZD Net states that the police discovered the three individuals have obtained private and secured data on over 200,000 military members in the hopes of “intimidating and embarrassing the individuals and institutions involved.”

The investigation showed that over 90 Brazilian institutions have been compromised, including universities, city halls, city councils, and other government establishments.