Metro mandatory: Windows 8 start menu source code to be removed

Recently, we reported how you could bring back the old Start menu in Windows 8 or at least mimic it, to use it  instead of the new Metro interface. But according to Microsoft expert Paul Thurrot this won’t be possible in the final release. It was thought that Microsoft would make it possible for businesses to configure Windows 8 with the Start menu or to boot to the usual desktop interface. This would make it possible to run both Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the same company as they were pretty much similar in looks and work flow.

Unfortunately  Thurrot reports that he received information from anonymous insiders that the actual code for the Start menu and the desktop interface will  be removed from the final source code as he writes; ” my sources at Microsoft tell me it’s been busy ripping out legacy code for the old Start button and Start Menu so that developers won’t be able to write utilities that bring those features back. And boot to the desktop? Forget about it.”

This means all Windows 8 users will be forced to use the Metro interface which should replace the functionality of the old Start menu, whether you like it or not…