Firefox Quantum, Mozilla’s fastest browser ever, now available in beta

Posted 26 September 2017 17:33 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Mozilla today launched a beta of a completely new Firefox that uses a new engine to load websites faster than before. Firefox Quantum, as the new browser is called, is two times faster than the previous engine, according to Mozilla’s benchmarks.

The performance improvements are mainly thanks to the new CSS engine which runs on multiple CPU cores instead of a single core as before. Mozilla claims that Firefox is currently the only browsers that utilizes multiple cores to parse CSS.

Also tab management has been revamped, tabs with the most important content are prioritized and get most system resources assigned. The browser now also uses less memory thanks to the optimizations. Firefox Quantum uses 30% less memory than Chrome, while Firefox is faster, Mozilla claims.

The browser developer has also added a built-in adblocker when in Private Browsing mode which should reduce website load times in that mode with up to 44%. The final version of Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) is scheduled for release on the 14th of November.

The beta can be downloaded here.

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