Five tips on telling friends and family about installing Windows 8

When you’re the ‘lucky’ one who has to fix computers from friends and family then you’ll likely get the question if they need to upgrade to Windows 8 , if you’re planning  to upgrade or why you haven’t already. Especially with the release today and the press it gets more people will become aware of this new version of Windows, a good reason to give you five explanations to tell your friends and family why you aren’t going to upgrade (them). Unless you will, of course.Five tips on telling friends and family about installing Windows 8 Here are our top five reasons for staying away from Windows 8 for now:

  1. Microsoft sold more failing Windows versions
    Most people will think that a new version of Windows must  be a better version. But history tells us that this isn’t always true. Microsoft had failing Windows versions before, remember Windows ME and Windows Vista? Both weren’t too popular.
  2. Windows 8 is made for touch
    You can tell your friends and family that Windows 8 is like Windows 7, but with the lack of the start menu and with the addition of a new interface that seems to be mainly targeted to touchscreens. If they have a touch screen computer, they might consider Windows 8, but who actually has a touchscreen PC at the moment?
  3. There is hardly a performance gain
    While some benchmarks show an improvement in performance, it’s only a little and will be hardly noticeable. The main performance increase are probably the boot and wake time, but to upgrade an entire OS for those few seconds a day?
  4. Games could run slower due to not optimized drivers
    If they are gamers then they might be interested in the fact that currently many (older) games run worse on Windows 8 than on other Windows versions. Probably a temporarily problem as it seems to be mainly caused by non-optimized drivers, but a good reason to hold off for now.
  5. There’s probably no way to get around it anyway
    And if they still don’t want to listen, then tell them that’s probably not really a way around getting a new Windows version. When they’ll get a new computer, it will probably ship with Windows 8. That’s usually the way most people get their new OS, who actually buys those boxes in the store?

Of course we’re also interested in yours, or the opposite reasons why you would upgrade and tell your friends and family to do the same. Post them in our comments if you like!