Flight sim developer threatens Reddit with legal actions over DRM talks

Posted 06 June 2018 23:25 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

A developer of flight simulators has reaped the rage of users by installing fake system files on locations totally unrelated to the game. Users discussed the issue on Reddit and now the company is threatening with legal action if the online conversations aren’t removed.

Several users complained on Reddit that the latest installer of flight simulator developer FlightSimLabs (A320-X add-on) installs files on locations that are unrelated to the game. The installer copied the file cmdhost.exe two times to Windows system folders. One to ‘c:\windows\system32’ and one in ‘c:\windows\sysWOW64’.

Because the company was previously caught using browser password stealing DRM malware to fight software pirates, users were on high alert. Last week, FlightSimLabs stated on its Facebook page that the files are not part of any malware. According to the flight simulator developer, they are part of a third-party e-commerce service called eSellerate and used to reduce the number of activation problems. FlightSimLabs also stresses that the files are not detected as malware by any antivirus software.

This appeared the end of the story, however it wasn’t. The company contacted Reddit several times with the request to delete all conversations about the DRM and the suspicious system files. FlightSimLabs points out that Reddit has the duty, as publisher, to remove libel and defamation from its website. The company also states it hopes it doesn’t have to take legal action if Reddit doesn’t obey their request.

Reddit has no intention to comply and several of its moderators state that deleting the content would be considered censorship.

It seems that none of the two organizations intends to solve the issue without legal action. It is also not clear whether FlightSimlabs plans to do something about the suspicious filenames and the installation locations.

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