FORESEE Launches New Storage with Low Power Consumption


One of China’s flash memory software and hardware solutions provider Longsys, has introduced a new and advanced storage product compatible with Marvell 28nm and TLC chips.

The FORESEE brand supports the mainstream NVMe protocol with 1.3 specifications for meeting the PCIe Gen3x4 standards. The product called FORESEE P800 is considered the newest flagship, utilizing a master control with increased battery life.


Performance-wise, this latest product supports low power consumption of L1.2 to minimize the need for massive data centers. The P800 also supports terminal devices but with minimal energy use. It also has a temperature control algorithm during operation.

FORESEE Launches New Storage

As more computer companies require faster processing and data storage chips, software and hardware provider need to step up their game. The P800 makes it possible to store up to 1TB of data with less energy consumption and temperature control.


This new product comes in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage capabilities. These are compatible with how busy workloads are, and if terminals require lesser or more space. The FORESEE P800 is suited for high-performance notebooks and computers.

Because FORESEE is a brand of Longsys, the main chips and controls come from the umbrella company. All the internal chips are optimized according to diverse applications environments and product requirements.

The Longsys team used the firmware IDA algorithm patent to improve the storage technology of the FORESEE brand and utilize the flash memory capabilities for faster writing speed.

The IDA algorithm patent received the 20th Outstanding Patent Award from the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC. This is due to the reliable data writing speeds of the technology and utilization of the SLC component.

The FORESEE P800 is part of the Longsys SSD line that comes in 2.5-inch mSATA with PCIe mainstream interface. It has a warranty period of three years and up to 3200MB/s reading capabilities. The form factor is about M.2 2280 with 3D TLC.

In addition to the SSD products, FORESEE has three other product lines mainly embedded storage, automotive and industrial, and memory modules. From all these options, the flash SSD product line provides professional storage solutions and services.

The SSD Storage covers mainstream interfaces like SATA and PCIe, and is able to respond to customized application requirements. It can be upgraded to firmware with SSD tools developed by FORESEE.

The storage brand has matured into a management model for quality data storage with after-sales service.