Unveils New “Camera to Cloud” Storage System, an entertainment technology firm, has introduced a new storage system called Camera to Cloud (C2C), which enables virtual live review, editing, and post-production while filming. It is an easy, fast, and secure way to access footage anywhere in the world. has flourished in Hollywood by linking hundreds of video production applications that allow filmmakers and the production team to facilitate remote review and approval of production work.

The C2C’s new features directly connect’s cloud services to the products of three key production software companies, namely, Teradek, Sound Devices, and Colorfront. The systems will be connected to compatible professional cameras such as Sony, Panasonic, Red, and Arri.

Camera to Cloud Storage System

C2C is supported by four major video-editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple AAPL Final Cut Pro, Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer. Editors can start arranging scenes and initial post-production work remotely without waiting for the hard drives.

Emery Wells,’s CEO, called the capability of cloud-sharing and live remote monitoring “a game-changer”, particularly in the face of production limitations in the pandemic.

She added, “Camera to Cloud gives film, television, and commercial productions a seamless new way for creative teams to do their best work, no matter where they are.”

The system has also been used in several films, most notably Songbird, a pandemic thriller produced by Michael Bay. A promotional video featuring Camera to Cloud in use during last year’s production features Co-Producer Max Votelato.

Votolato says, “we could be on set without being on set, with the ability to wirelessly transmit out of the camera, and on set send those dailies to our DIT cart that would get out through an encoder and become part of the cloud that everybody shared. The process is instantaneous.”

Songbird Director Adam Mason said that during the entire filming, all the actors, camera operators and photography director had connected to Cloud applications on mobile devices so they could see how each shot came out as it occurred.

“It became one of the handful of great tools that made this (film) possible,” Adam Mason said.

According to Michael Cioni,’s Senior VP of Innovation, although C2C will use the proxy at launch, the longer-term goal is to eventually remove the use of hard drives by recording the highest quality master directly to the cloud, making production and post a more nonlinear and streamlined process.

The features will be available free of charge in all existing paid subscriptions.