Free ProtonVPN accounts now directly available again for everyone

Posted 08 September 2017 23:08 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

VPN service ProtonVPN no longer uses a waiting list for new free accounts. The service was launched in June, and is developed by the same team of researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the European research lab CERN, who also developed the encrypted email service ProtonMail.

ProtonVPN was such a success that 24 hours after the launch it had to move new subscribers to a free account to a waiting list. More than 100,000 users subscribed in the last couple of months. Now the waiting list is no longer needed and thus are free accounts available for everyone again.

ProtonVPN claims to be the first VPN service that is really free and really respects the user’s privacy. It also doesn’t keep any logs. The developers also claim that ProtonVPN has a higher security level than other VPN services.

Besides the free account, the services also offers paid subscriptions that offer higher bandwidth and more features.

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