Fujitsu Launches Qumulo’ Software-Defined Storage Solution

Japanese IT company Fujitsu teamed up with Qumulo to released a software-defined storage innovation that allows clients to manage petabytes of unstructured data placed in multiple clouds and data centers, HPC Wire reported.

The new solution is considered “disruptive” because of its large-scale service across multiple sources. With this new technology, enterprises can develop new services and applications involving large-scale information management.

Qumulo’s data platform offers clients a tool to analyze, monitor, and handle information from multiple sources.

Fujitsu Launches Software-Defined Storage Solution

It lets users perform various simple and complicated tasks such as “diagnostic imaging, modeling, simulations, LIDAR, GIS, genetic sequencing, and video production” using unstructured info.

Unstructured information is defined as those that are not yet defined or organized using a pre-defined model or transactional system, as per NetApp. Examples of this include rich media, collected documents, the Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics.

Comparatively, structured info is those that have been processed and organized in a ‘structured’ manner such as a database. They are considered “records or transactions.”

To effectively manage unstructured information, Qumulo’s platform offers “real-time visibility, scale, and control of data across on-premises and cloud, even at a granular level” for efficient data consolidation and info incorporation, even with unpredicted entry.

This enables clients to configure their systems effectively and manage their performance. In doing so, they are given the resources to create new services for their own customers.

Fujitsu’s product sale Europe’s head of category management Olivier Delachapelle said that this new platform benefits from the fact the data is now considered “the new gold.”

According to Delachapelle, “Fujitsu’s new approach with the Qumulo solution is a custom-built, high-performance information repository.” It provides scalability without limitations, giving enterprises “to rapidly shift through vast amounts of data to find nuggets of true value.”

Qumulo’s platform contributes to Fujitsu’s own transformation strategy. The four-layer data-driven plan utilizes the solution in the second phase, which deals with the creation of data architecture after applying definitions on unstructured info.

Fujitsu’s strategy also involves defining transformation baselines (first layer), info protection, and security, as well as delivering business value (third and fourth).

Blocks and Files said that Fujitsu’s partnership with Qumulo will be a great addition to the company’s strategies in light of its competition with Dell. Dell has refreshed its Isilon system with its new PowerScale filers. Aside from Fujitsu, Qumulo also has a deal with another tech company, HPE.