Gamers angry after Ubisoft revokes their paid license keys

French game developer Ubisoft has banned gamers from several games without a warning. The affected users bought their license keys from retailers that sell official legitimate license keys for a lower by using a trick. The gamers, which  paid for the keys, are now unable to play games like Far Cry 4 and AC: Unity. Ubisoft has not responded to the issue yet.


Gamers report that license keys bought from online retailers and Kinguin no longer work. These sites buy license keys in countries where they are relatively cheap and then resell them in countries where the keys are priced highers.

In a 17 page long thread on the Ubisoft forums users are complaining about the issue. Many argue that Ubisoft should go after the sellers of the keys and not the buyers. Ubisoft bans the keys and removes the game from the Uplay account from gamers and all without a warning.  Therefore gamers wonder why they are unable to play their games for which they paid.

It’s unclear why Ubisoft has taken these measures, the company hasn’t responded to the complaints yet. The company did tweet that gamers should contact the seller of the key for a solution.