German developer makes it easy to remove ads from Windows 8

Posted 26 November 2012 18:02 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

If you’re a Windows 8 application developer then you might hope that Microsoft is doing the best they can to protect your income. Unfortunately it seems that applications in the Windows 8 aren’t your best option for a secure revenue stream. Earlier today we posted that a tool on the internet which makes it easy to convert trial versions of applications to full paid versions, without paying. Unfortunately it seems that another possibility to make money from Windows 8 apps can also be easily disabled.

Windows 8 Metro applications have the ability to include advertisements that generate revenue for the developer. Obviously this is also a feature that will annoy a lot of users and German developer ‘olsn’ has found a way to hide advertisements in applications downloaded from the Windows 8 store. By changing values in the Windows 8 registry and modifying some files the advertisements are removed from the interface.  More information and instructions can be found here.

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