German ISP sees 900,000 routers go offline after possible cyberattack

One of Germany’s largest internet providers, Deutsche Telekom, yesterday became the target of a possible cyberattack that took 900,000 routers and customers offline. The attack also took down TV and fixed-line telephone services provided by the ISP.


About 4.5 percent of the 20 million fixed-line customers from Deutsche Telekom were affected by what according to government sources, “obviously looks like the work of hackers”.

The attack started on Sunday afternoon and affected subscribers in large cities as Berlin, Duesseldorf,  Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Deutsche Telekom recommend affected users to reboot their router which apparently fixed the issue. While the ISP has told Reuters its engineers have found the cause of the issue, it didn’t want to provide further details.

Affected customers are compensated by a day long free mobile internet. The website it clearly shows how the number of outage reports increased and also shows they are currently decreasing.