GiG and Qlik Tech International Collaborates for Business Intelligence Solution

A news post by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announced that it will be once again working with Qlik Tech International, a business intelligence (BI) solution provider. The collaboration will give GiG the technology it needs to improve its BI system offered through GiG Data, a real-time data platform.

The iGaming company seeks to provide a high-tech and scalable data platform targeted for users who need a real-time, secure, and self-serving solution. Its new product can be assimilated with its existing player account management platform called GiG Core.

It is also compatible with 3rd-party services.

GiG and Qlik Tech International Collaborates

Qlik was chosen to provide improved data visualization among other contenders including open-sources and off-the-shelf solutions. According to GiG, “Qlik was selected based on its simple interactive dashboard delivery.” It also offers secure embedding into GiG’s systems.

GiG chief information officer Chris Armes highlighted that the iGaming company chose Qlik as it reflects their “commitment to data excellence.”

With the help of Qlik, GiG partners will be able to “visually analyze their real-time data insights via the self-serve dashboard.” This user-driven solution will give iGaming operators the ability to make efficient decisions and take the necessary steps.

Moreover, this system will enable operators to create data-driven services for their iGaming business. This platform offers a compliant data framework complete with standard KPI libraries. It also uses artificial intelligence to help users improve their data systems without issues.

Qlik area vice president OEM EMEA Rosagrazia Bombini expressed their commitment to the partnership, saying that they are pleased to work on the firm’s iGaming solutions with Qlik Sense, the company’s BI-focused data visualization product.

Qlik Sense, which will be at the forefront of the collaboration, is equipped with the firm’s associative engine, open APIs, and modern architecture. It is intended to accommodate major analytics needs and to support innovation even for the next decade and more.

This solution boasts of a cognitive engine with immense computing power and augmented analytics support. To date, this system has more than 50 new visualization and dashboarding improvements.

The product also has more than 20 new charting systems such as Sakey, Mekko, and Radar.

The firm states that it is always in the process of improving its Sense service. Moreover, they are working to make further enhancements in order for Sense to integrate with the company’s associative and cognitive engines to improve their analytics service.