Google Cloud Reveals Vertex AI to Make Machine Learning Easier

Google Cloud announced Tuesday, May 18, 2021, during the Google I/O developer conference, that it will be launching Vertex AI to the public. Vertex AI is a managed artificial intelligence platform that is reportedly designed to make machine learning and AI maintenance easier.

Vertex AI streamlines and makes it simpler for machine learning or artificial intelligence processes. In turn, this allows companies and enterprises alike to take advantage of its offerings by having the opportunity to create artificial intelligence and other intelligent features without the heavy building or starting from scratch.

This can be owed to Vertex AI requiring fewer lines of code compared to traditional models and other competing platforms on the market, notes Tech Crunch. In fact, the said model requires 80% fewer lines, making model training more efficient.

Google Cloud to Make Machine Learning Easier

Venture Beat states that the service is made possible with its unified UP and API. It also makes for a seamless program, given that Tech Crunch states it is integrated with Google’s very own artificial intelligence optimizer called Vizier, designed to reduce the time to fine-tune machine learning models.

In addition to Vizier, Vertex AI also comes with the Feature Store, allowing practitioners and developers to have access to serving, sharing, and reusing machine learning features for faster programming, notes Venture Beat.

It also counts Experiments as another one of its offerings. Experiments are primarily concerned with model selection. Moreover, Vertex AI also comes with Continuous Monitoring and Pipelines, both of which Venture Beat reveals work together to aid in maintaining AI and the repeatability of machine learning processes.

In an interview with Frederic Lardinois of Tech Crunch, Google Cloud AI Platform director of product management Craig Wiley said that “Ultimately, our main goal with Vertex is to reduce the time to ROI for these enterprises, to make sure that they can not just build a model but get real value from the model they’re building.”

Furthermore, in another interview, this time with Venture Beat, Wiley said “Vertex was designed to help customers with four things.”

“The first is, we want to help them increase the velocity of the machine learning models that they’re building and deploying. Number two is, we want to make sure that they have Google’s best-in-class capabilities available to them. Number three is, we want these workflows to be highly scalable. … And then number four is, we want to make sure they have everything they need for appropriate model management and governance,” continued Wiley.