Google Cloud Unveils Premium Support for Critical Enterprise Needs

In line with its mission to get more large enterprises into its cloud service, Google LLC announced Thursday, Jan. 16, a new Premium Support designed for companies with critical business needs.

According to the multinational technology company, a customer’s monthly spending can determine the cost of Premium Support. A minimum subscription of $12,500 a month is charged for businesses that need extra special attention for issues on Google Cloud.

For this plan, Google is promising a 15-minute response time for the P1 cases, which are deemed critical for application and vital information system infrastructure.

Google Cloud Unveils Premium Support


“Premium Support has been designed to better meet the needs of our customers running modern cloud technology. And we’ve made investments to improve the customer experience, with an updated support model that is proactive, unified, centered around the customer, and flexible to meet the differing needs of their businesses,” said Google vice president Atul Nanda.

Technical Support

The multinational tech company states that the price companies pay for support is substantial because they have access to a dedicated technical account manager. This appointed individual knows the company’s application and infrastructure inside out, helping out in solving issues faster. Additionally, there are appointed technical account managers in multiple regions, so issues are attended 24/7.

“As a Premium Support customer, you’ll have your cases handled directly by context-aware experts who understand your unique application stack, architecture, and implementation details,” said Nanda.

Aside from availability, Google also claims that the Premium Support service provides personalized tech support, to give resolution for every case. The Google Cloud also offers advanced services or add-ons for customers to purchase if needed.

“The process interlocks that we build with the customer allow us to jointly respond to major incidents using predefined war rooms,” added Nanda.


Additional Support Plans

Google said they plan to add more cloud features and support plans. This is to address the unique needs of enterprises, experiencing dilemmas over their IT infrastructure. Moreover, the company will also provide training and product reviews, as well as support for troubleshooting third-party systems.

The new support plan announcement is one of Google’s latest move for its Cloud services. The company is becoming aggressive in terms of upgrading its services. Recently, it has partnered with IBM for the Power Systems to be integrated into the Google Cloud. This system is known to help retailers improve IT infrastructure.