Google Debuts On-Premise Data Moving to Cloud


Google announced Friday the debut of its new data transfer service that supports on-premise data moving to the cloud.

Transfer Service is a managed service designed for large-scale transfers of files to the cloud. The service will allow the transfer of billions of data and handles failures automatically. An agent will take over the data and ensure that transfer time is faster.


The company looked at the barriers of switching the information technology infrastructure to the cloud and the tedious process of moving all the data and files. Google is keen to help and promised to handle large amounts of data from on-premise storage to Google cloud.

“With Transfer Service for on-premise data [beta], enterprises can optimize for TCO and reduce the friction that often comes with data transfers. This solution is a great fit for enterprises moving data for business-critical use cases like archive and disaster recovery, lift and shift, and analytics and machine learning,” said Google enterprise strategy group analyst Scott Sinclair.

Google On-Premise Data Moving to Cloud


The company wants people and businesses to see Google Cloud as the ‘best place’ for running artificial intelligence and machine. Before getting there, the company will handle all the data and transfer it accordingly to the cloud.

Easy and Fast Service

Google said Transfer Service is easy and only requires a customer to install and run the on-premise software. All the information and submission of required directories will take place at the Google Cloud Console.

Transfer service is available in beta starting December 13, 2019.

“When transferring data, the service will analyze your transfer across many agents, and then coordinate these agents to transfer your data over a secure internet connection to Cloud Storage,” said Google.

What the company takes pride in is the secure, fast, and fully-monitored transfer jobs handled by certified agents. Transfer Service is made especially for enterprise customers who are in need of assistance for data moving. At normal operations, transferring a large amount of data to the cloud takes a longer time. With Transfer Service, the transfer time is reduced significantly, and data is guaranteed protected.

Data analysts are observing what Google has in store for its customers. “One of the dirty secrets of the cloud is that the data transfer tools needed to power such next-generation applications are slow, expensive, hard to monitor, and often a showstopper. We will see how well Google addresses these challenges with its new offering,” said Constellation Research Inc. Analyst.

Google is also targeting companies who are looking to shift workloads and analytics for learning use cases.