Google Drive replacement Backup and Sync trouble (update)

Google is in the process of rolling out “Backup and Sync” to replace its Google Drive desktop product.  However, the update seems to be off to a bad start with some getting an error message saying that Backup and Sync needs to quit, claiming that it is disabled on their account.  The ‘Learn more’ link does not provide any useful information relating to this message.

In the message, it says “Error: Backup and Sync is disabled for this account”, with an incomplete e-mail address “uploader-eng@” as whom to contact.  Rebooting does not clear the issue and this has also appeared on several computers here using both personal and workplace Google accounts that received the update.

Backup and Sync needs to quit

It is unclear whether this is a problem with the new Backup and Sync client or whether Google forgot to enable something before releasing this to the public.   Either way, once the ‘Quit’ button is clicked, the software fully exits and this message reappears the moment Backup and Sync is launched or when the computer is restarted.

For now, the main workaround we found is to uninstall Backup and Sync and reinstall Google Drive, which continues to work and sync fine.  The affected Backup & Sync product we received is version 2.33.5025.7556:

Backup and Sync buggy desktop version

Update 17th March: It appears that this was an unintentional development release based on reports around the web and someone showing us the following screen that appeared on their computer:

Backup and Sync login required

The following is how it appeared in the start menu:

Backup and Sync in start menu

It appears that anyone with this release will automatically be reverted back to Google Drive as what happened with this computer shortly after the screenshots were taken.