Google drops Flash banner support in 2017 – but that isn’t the end of annoying ads

Google will no longer show Flash based advertisements on its own networks, Google Display Network and Doubleclick Digital Marketing. The search giant urges advertisers to replace Flash banners with their HTML5 equivalents.

New google logo

Starting June 30th next year advertisers will no longer be able to upload Flash banners and from January 2nd 2017 Google will no longer show Flash ads, however video ads made in Flash are allowed for now. The company has made a tool available for advertisers to convert their Flash banners to HTML5. .

The reason for Google to favor HTML5 over Flash is that users no longer need a plugin to see the ads. The Flash plugin is also known for its many security issues which is another advantage.


Also on Youtube the search giant is phasing out Flash, on all browsers that support it, videos are loaded in a HTML5 video player.

Getting rid of Flash doesn’t necessarily mean the end of annoying advertisements, HTML5 banners can also contain animation, video, audio and overlays.

However it seems Google has started to recognize that annoying ads are bad, since September last year its Chrome browser automatically pauses Flash ads.