Google Glass video reveals incredible capabilities

Posted 20 February 2013 19:03 CEST by Wombler

Following previous videos, sketchy patent details that were fairly scant on information, and widespread speculation Google has just released a new video showing their vision of Google Glass.

The usefulness of what had seemed to be just a heads up display for a pair of glasses has been subject to considerable debate, but far from making spectacle of themselves it seems clear that Google has very definitely pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

The video shows Google Glass from a user’s perspective which gives a first person point of view that really gets across just how revolutionary this development will be. The seamlessness and incredibly immersive nature of the experience provided in Google’s latest video is simply a joy to behold.

As the video reveals it’s now apparent that Glass is driven by voice commands and the device can record video, take photos, share media, display data from the Internet, translate on demand, navigate while you’re travelling, share your experiences as live video, and much much more, all on command.

Google has a habit of coming up with revolutionary ideas that change the world and you can’t help feeling that this is one of these moments.

So watch the video below and see the future courtesy of Google.

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