Google Partners With IBM For Power Systems On Cloud

Multinational tech company Google is upgrading its cloud infrastructure by partnering with IBM to bring Power Systems.

The company is looking to attract more enterprises to its cloud and partnering with IBM certainly gives them an edge. IBM’s Power Systems is the only technology that can be integrated into the cloud. The technology will complete Google’s plan to easily move workloads to its virtual data storage.

“Enterprises looking to the cloud to modernize their existing infrastructure and streamline their business processes have many options. At the end of the spectrum, some organizations are re-platforming entire legacy systems to adopt the cloud,” said Google corporate Vice President Kevin Ichhpurani.

Ichhpurani also mentioned how the company is leveraging on its cloud to increase scalability and provide ease to customers using it. More than artificial technology, Google Cloud also makes use of machine learning and analytics for flexibility in consumption.

Google Partners With IBM


IBM’s Power Systems has proven itself effective and thus, fits perfectly on Google cloud for billing tools and other services. Some analysts viewed this partnership as odd, especially on the side of IBM, as the company also has its own cloud offering. However, some experts believe that IBM simply wants to sell more Power systems.

Tech Supremacy

Google and IBM appeared to be rivals at the end of 2019. The multi-tech company insisted that IBM’s supercomputer Summit takes longer to solve a problem, meanwhile, the Sycamore can fix the issue within 200 seconds maximum.

IBM fired back, saying Summit has a huge disk space and it can solve an issue within 2.5 days. According to the company, solving a problem with a conventional computer isn’t easy and taking a few days to fix it is already ‘reasonable.’

IBM laid out that resources like disk space, memory, and computing power is needed to solve an issue. However, adding qubits means increasing computer capacity, which Google can do on its own.


The tech supremacy doesn’t only rely on whoever can fix a problem but also which company can provide a better user experience.

In the end, IBM still proved its place in the tech market with Power Systems being integrated by Google.

Some of the notable features of the Power Systems include 36 entitled cores for a small cloud package, 768TB of storage, 14 entitled compute per VM in cores and 256GB maximum RAM per VM or GB.

The monthly subscription fee is charged by IBM Power Systems but is billed by Google.