Google Uses AI as it Launches Journalist Studio


Google announced its latest suite of new tools and offerings called Journalist Studio on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. The launch of the tech firm’s initiative is designed to provide reporters access to technology that will make their work much easier with the help of machine learning and AI.

Endgadget states that the latest round of offerings from the tech giant comes two years after it launched the Google News Initiative in 2018. The program was reportedly launched by the company to help fight misinformation around the globe and to provide reporters with monetary compensation.


According to Endgadget, Google has already allocated a total of $300 million toward the success of the project.

Google Launches Journalist Studio

In its latest attempt to further its fight against disinformation, the firm is doubling on its project with Journalist Studio, making the software available for free to journalists and media organizations alike.


The tools are slated to aid reports in their investigative pursuits, particularly with the reporters’ need to go through copious amounts of data and documents.

One of the main products launched under the software is Pinpoint. Tech Crunch states that this tool provides journalists and editors alike the capacity to weed through vast amounts of audio files, as well as images and documents.

By leveraging artificial intelligence in its Knowledge Graph and machine learning capabilities, this particular tool can locate names and locations by analyzing thousands of files or documents.

The Pinpoint tool is currently being tested and explored with the help of journalists from The Washington Post for its report on the opioid crisis, USA Today for its report on COVID-19-related deaths and its links to nursing homes, and other similar media outlets, reveals Tech Crunch.

Endgadget states the Pinpoint tool is now available for sign-up for other reporters.

Apart from the Pinpoint tool, another key tool found within the Journalist Studio is the Common Knowledge Project. Albeit still in its beta phase, this new tool provides journalists with the freedom to explore interactions in respective local communities via interactive charts.

The data currently being used for the Common Knowledge Project is provided by Data Commons.

Other tools that are currently offered by Google under its new software include the Advanced Protection Program; Data Commons access; DataSet Search; a DDoS defense tool; DIY VPN Outline; Fact Check Explorer; Flourish, a tool designed for making custom templates; Google Data GIF Maker; Google Public Data Explorer, Google Trends; Project Shield; and Tilegrams, a cartogram maker.