Google will degrade Flash Player user experience even more in Chrome 69

Posted 30 August 2018 18:20 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Google will make changes to the next version of Chrome that will make it harder to use Adobe’s Flash Player. Currently, Chrome users can change a setting that provides a website access to the built-in Flash Player after which the website is whitelisted until the user revokes the permission.

With the launch of Chrome 69, which is scheduled for release next week, this will change and it will no longer be possible to provide websites permanent access to Flash Player. Users will need to provide websites explicit permission to use the built-in Flash Player every time they want to view Flash content, even if they previously provided permission to website.

Earlier this year, Google already announced that Flash usage in Chrome dropped to 8%. In April, W3Techs reported that less than 5%of all websites still has Flash content.

Flash Player will be removed from all browsers by 2020 and also Adobe will no longer support the browser plugin-in from that year.

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