Greenliant launches industrial grade mSATA AmourDrive SSD

Posted 29 July 2013 19:00 CET by Seán Byrne

Greenliant Systems, which specialises in SSDs for industrial, medical, military and networking markets, has announced it is entering the removable SSD market with the announcement of its mSATA ArmourDrive GLS86 SSD series. Like its BGA products, the mSATA ArmourDrive is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, while maintaining high reliability and a long data storage life.

Greenliant mSATA NanDrive

Its features include an efficient wear levelling management to even out wear across its NAND cells, Power Interrupt Data Protection to protect against sudden power failures, user configurable protection zones with military-grade secure erasing, SMART support with estimated remaining lifespan and TRIM support to free up blocks that were used by deleted data.

They feature read and write speeds of up to 110MB/s and 60MB/s respectively and connect by SATA 1.5Gbps or 3.0Gbps. While these figures may seem small, these are industrial-grade SSDs designed for harsh environments where high reliability, long life, shock resistance and high security are more of a concern, such as in a black box data recorder which does not need ultrafast transfer rates.

mSATA AmourDrive diagram

These SSDs are designed to withstand a temperature range of -40C to +85C and have a power consumption of 210mW in standby and 70mW in sleep mode. They are JEDEC MO-300 compliant with a measurement of 29.85 x 50.8 x 4.8 mm.

The ArmourDrive is available with MLC or SLC NAND in capacities of 8GB to 32GB and with MLC NAND in capacities of up to 64GB. 128GB and 256GB models are currently under development.

Further information can be found on the Greenliant product page.

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