Hack makes Windows 8 apps free – including in app purchases

Justin Angel has posted a method on the internet that allows you to you to get Windows 8 paid apps for free (we reported about it before) but also to get free in app purchases. In app purchases are points, gold or other things you buy from inside an application that give additional functionality in e.g. games. It’s a popular business-model for game developers which allows you to download and play a game for free but get the option to purchase points with real money to get items in the game that bring you further in the game or enhance the game in other ways.

Hack makes Windows 8 apps free - including in app purchases

The method posted by Justin Angel is based upon the fact that Windows 8 can be partly decompiled and allows modification of files that store information on the local computer. By increasing a number in such a file it’s easy to get e.g. 1 million points in a game, instead of the 10 you had. The method isn’t really something everyone can do, it requires Windows 8 development tools and special software to decompile the source. But once you have everything setup and know how to do it, you can pretty much do it for every application that has in-app purchases.

Unfortunately the website of  Justin appears to have problems but Google Cache hasn’t let us down so far.