Hacker working on the mother of all PS3 hacks for all firmwares

Earlier this week a hacker claimed he cracked Sony’s new 3.60 firmware for its PlayStation 3 game console and provided evidence showing off the end result. The video, which was posted and then removed nearly 20 hours later, showcased an alleged PS3 retail unit running both 3.60 and homebrew. Some cried “fake,” but in an exclusive chat with MyCE the tinkerer defended his work and said it was legit.

One hacker, however, isn’t interested in 3.60. Instead, his focus is on workarounds for future firmware updates. He’s promising the firmware hack to end all firmware hacks: a method to circumvent anything Sony throws into its system.

Hacker working on the mother of all PS3 hacks for all firmwares

KaKaRoToKS is best known for breaking Sony’s last firmware, 3.56, in a few hours. According to an IRC chat posted at French gaming forum Ps3-Addict he is hard at work on his next project.

While hesitant to provide details, he claims what he’s researching is a crack that will “jailbreak all future versions” of PS3 firmware. He goes on admit that he’s still a couple months away from the testing phase.

Despite some recent events in the Sony v. George Hotz et al case that don’t bode well for the NJ native, the PS3 hacking community is still active. Despite one hacker – Waninkoko –  leaving the scene due to legal concerns, graf_chokolo (AKA Alexander Egorenkov), said he would continue his work on reverse engineering the PS3 despite a police raid on his home and a 1 million Euro lawsuit brought by SCEE.

KaKaRoToKS is later asked by a fellow chat member if he thinks he could crack the current firmware — 3.60. “I know it,” he coyly replied, clarifying, “I’m not interested in 3.60. I probably won’t release this until 3.70.” (Via PS3Crunch)