Halo: Reach disc read & HDD errors frustrate Xbox 360 gamers

Posted 22 September 2010 18:52 CEST by Randomus

The recent release of Halo: Reach may have grossed the highest single-day launch out of all Halo game titles, but two issues with the new game have left some Xbox 360 gamers frustrated.

The first issue involves disc read errors on some older Xbox 360 units when they try to play Halo: Reach. Specifically, Microsoft confirmed some gamers have suffered from ‘disc read error’, but a reason behind the error wasn’t publicly discussed.

If you have received a disc read error, Microsoft recommends calling the following phone number: 1-800-4MY-XBOX to report the problem.

Another problem is when 4GB Xbox 360 owners try to play Halo: Reach online (campaign co-op multiplayer), as an error message will pop up and prevent the game from playing. The HDD is “required for this game type” error screen will occur even if a USB flash drive is connected to the game console, but Microsoft is scrambling to find a fix.

In addition, it was learned the HDD game error will also pop up for Halo: ODST, so gamers should wait before trying to play either game.

Even with a few problems, Halo: Reach will drastically help give Microsoft’s Xbox 360 a boost as the company prepares to battle Sony and Nintendo this Christmas shopping season. All three companies will enter the market on a fairly even playing field, with Microsoft and Sony finally able to narrow the sales gap up to the Wii.

It’s not uncommon to hear video games having early problems, but these two issues with Halo: Reach are more significant than laggy gameplay and missing content. Microsoft will ultimately resolve both problems to satisfy gamers, as Halo: Reach should become one of the most popular game titles of the year.

Microsoft plans to release a $399 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle that will include a game console, Kinect and the Kinect Adventures. These custom bundles give Microsoft another method to market the game console to consumers — and is important as Sony and Nintendo also step up their bundles.

Earlier in the month, it was discovered Sony is expected to reach its 12-month sales target for PS3 units sold.

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