Hands on with the Office Sway preview

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft launched their latest addition to the Office family: Sway. Today we got to go hands-on with Sway.com.

Sway is currently in preview and you’ll need an invite to try it out, the first round of invites was sent out yesterday, so today we can finally show you what Sway is exactly and how it works.


The easiest way to describe Sway would be to call it the next generation of Microsoft’s PowerPoint, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a way to create beautiful, web-ready, cross platform presentations without having to worry about the design or layout, instead you simply supply Sway with your content (text, pictures and videos) and sway will automatically turn it into a stunning presentation. You can then share a link to your Sway on Twitter or Facebook, or embed it in a webpage.

This is a great new way to create slideshows, but you can also use it to create, for example, a small business website, or a personal portfolio, or …

Below you can find our hands on with Sway, together with 2 great examples showcasing the true power of sway. You can try out Sway yourself at Sway.com.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSLgPpxYuDU]

Examples: Rainier 2014 & The Red Panda