Hard Disk Sentinel comes to Myce

Here at Myce we’re always striving to bring you the most interesting storage related site online, so when a good opportunity to introduce new content arises we’re happy to provide for it.

As part of this commitment we are pleased to announce the new Hard Disk Sentinel forum and we feel that Hard Disk Sentinel is something that will interest many of our members.

HD Sentinel

So what is Hard Disk Sentinel (HD Sentinel)?

HD Sentinel is essentially a range of sophisticated drive monitoring software for both hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) and its purpose is to seek to improve on the Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (SMART) built into modern drives.

Data security is important to everyone and when drives fail it can be anything from a soul shattering experience to at best an annoying inconvenience. Understandably, advance warning of drive problems is therefore important to many people, and this is where SMART normally comes into play.

In reality however SMART isn’t really as smart as it could be and it’s possible to improve on the reporting provided by the SMART routines.

HD Sentinel provides a more in depth and, most importantly, a more intelligent analysis of the various reports generated by SMART and uses these to better predict a drive’s current status, giving a more accurate picture of the drive’s health.

The technical reasons behind this are many and you’ll find further details of how these improvements are actually technically possible at this page on HD Sentinel’s website.

HD Sentinel works with both internal and external drives, and is available for various operating systems, in a range of versions which is designed to facilitate the needs of everyone from basic users all the way up to enterprise users seeking advanced networking capabilities.

Myce is very pleased to welcome HD Sentinel to our forums and as part of this HD Sentinel has very kindly agreed to run a competition specially for the launch.

So if you’re interested check out HD Sentinel’s website here to see what this software is all about and keep an eye on the new forum here for details of the competition which will be appearing soon.