“Hardware manufacturers to be dissapointed with Windows 10”

Windows 10 won’t be the salvation of the PC industry. In case Microsoft offers a free upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10,  consumer won’t be buying new hardware. Microsoft’s upcoming OS should become available fall next year but hardware manufacturers likely won’t benefit. The biggest reason would be the free upgrade from Windows 8 and Windows 7 which would not stimulate consumers to buy a new PC to replace their older one.


The information comes from Digitimes which concludes this based on information from undisclosed sources in hardware manufacturing and supplies. The information seems plausible, several year old hardware that is able to run Windows 7 or Windows 8, will run Windows 10 just as smooth.

In the past the hardware industry used the launch of a new Windows version to introduce new products. However in the case of Windows 10 it’s expected hardware manufacturers won’t take the moment, according to Digitimes.


Digitimes argues that hardware manufacturers should develop more innovative products so consumers have more reasons to buy a new computer. With innovative products manufacturers could also differentiate on other factors than just price.