HDMI support in mobile PCs, notebooks to grow

The adoption and integration of High-Definition Multimedia Interface within consumers electronics has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2003. Tablets, computer monitors and popular video game consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 all now boast HDMI support. According to research company In-Stat, the popular interface technology is building up to hit a huge milestone soon.

HDMI support in mobile PCs, notebooks to grow

HDMI will be included in more than 300 million mobile PCs by 2014, predicts the group. But it doesn’t stop there. In-Stat believes 82 percent of all A/V receivers shipped next year will feature the interface.

Brian O’Rourke, Research Director at In-Stat, chalked up HDMI’s recent growth in the mobile PC market to two distinct advantages.

“[HDMI’s] small size is a better fit for size-conscious mobile PC OEMs,” he said. “In addition, HDMI’s popularity across the CE segment makes HDMI a popular choice, especially for consumer mobile PCs. Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, and Toshiba all feature HDMI in their consumer notebook lines. Netbooks are adopting HDMI as well, particularly higher-end devices that are marketed as media devices, so that they can connect to an HDTV.”

With Intel down on its under-performing netbook line and analysts questioning the techonlogy’s shelf life thanks to a blossoming tablet market, it’s unclear if HDMI’s hardware inclusion figures will actually see a considerable boost from the struggling device.

Two of HDMI’s cousins will also find some success in the PC market. In-Stat found that 117 million LCD PC monitors shipped this year will boast DVI support, while the far newer DisplayPort will be included in 35 percent of mobile PCs shipped in 2013. (via In-Stat)