Hilary Clinton’s Server Possibly Hacked, FBI ‘Indifferent’

Recent reports say that there is evidence showing that Hillary Clinton’s email server has possibly been hacked. Fox News said that senior agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation seemed to be “indifferent” upon receiving the news.

According to Fox News, there is a possibility that the suspected attack was conducted by a ‘foreign adversary.’ However, the said server is not connected to her government emails.

There is also evidence of the State Department officials were taking steps to “downgrade classified material” stored on the server. This is according to an investigation done by the Senate. The move is allegedly a step to cover for Clinton, says Fox News.

This came in a letter and transcripts sent by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees. According to these documents, the committees and the FBI were not able to verify whether any intrusions took place.


Hilary Clinton's Server Possibly Hacked, FBI ‘Indifferent'

‘Foreign adversaries’

Last August 2018, there were reports saying that a foreign adversary hacked Clinton’s non-government email server. The articles specifically stated that the hack was conducted by “Chinese state-owned company.”

The attackers are allegedly a “front for Chinese intelligence.” Frank Rucker and Jeanette McMillian from ICIG discovered the anomaly, which is allegedly implemented by Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Machinery.

The attack was supposedly done by inserting a code that extracted emails and forwarded them to the attacker.

A Fox News source said that the Office of the Intelligence Community General (ICIG) was concerned upon hearing the news. ICIG officials informed FBI agents regarding the matter after learning about the hack. The evidence of the hack was uncovered in the metadata attached to the emails.


“Indifferent” FBI

The ICIG officials reported such events to several agents including Peter Strzok, a senior FBI agent who gave an air of being “aloof and dismissive.” According to another official, the agents were “poker-faced.”

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) both expressed concern. ICIG officials described the two agencies’ response as having “significant equities” regarding the data possibly stolen from the server.

Meanwhile, the ICIG and the Justice Department said that the email address connected to Shandong matches Paul Combetta. Combetta used to be Clinton’s technology aide, who allegedly deleted her emails and created backups using a dummy.

According to McMillian, State Department employees “tried to shield some of Clinton’s emails” against the deliberative process exemption specified in the Freedom of Information Act.