How do companies find anti-piracy investigators?

An increase in Internet piracy has resulted in the simultaneous growth of a new field: the online investigator. A code-name for what is ostensibly the anti-pirate, these cyber sleuths seek out copyright theft across the internet. The results of their findings are then likely handed over to lawyers for the next logical step in the battle against content theft: amnesty offers!

Intrepid companies seek professionals to fill these positions just like they would any other job opening: online classified ads.

How do companies find anti-piracy investigators?

UK-based company Enforcement Skills, which “specializes in supplying enforcement, regulatory compliance officers and inspectors” to a wide variety of organizations recently took out a job ad seeking a qualified online investigator for an unnamed client “within the entertainment industry.”

As expected, prospective employees can’t get by on rudimentary Google search skills and knowledge gleaned from watching “Law & Order.”

“We are looking for very experienced candidates with a proven background in conducting online/computer investigations within either a police, law enforcement, regulatory or similar setting,” reads the listing. “You must have a detailed and current understanding of a range of online piracy and file sharing issues and technical aspects of online copyright.”

So, what exactly does an online investigator do during a normal workday? “Work closely with law enforcement agencies…to ensure gathering of sufficient evidence and intelligence to track offenders and recommend enforcement action prosecutions to be carried out,” says the ad.

It’s a permanent, full-time position, and the salary is… negotiable. (Via TorrentFreak)