HPE Storage Expands GreenLake with Data Service Business Transformation

HPE Storage is becoming a “cloud-native, software-defined data services business,” as reported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

HPE introduced a platform for data services on Unified DataOps vision. It will have a new data experience that unifies data operations and brings cloud operations system to wherever data resides.

The new HPE GreenLake data services platform includes three innovative methods that improve data operations from the edge to the cloud, namely, HPE Alletra, Cloud data services, and Data Services Cloud Console.

HPE Storage Data Service Business Transformation

Data Services Cloud Console provides centralized data operations and cloud operating resilience as a service. While Cloud data services are a collection of software subscription programs that make managing global networks at scale a lot easier and automated.

On the other hand, HPE Alletra is a modern cloud-native data technology suite that drives data from the edge to the cloud.

Antonio Neri, HPE CEO and President said “Organizations face a complex web of fragmented hardware, software, and manual processes, making it difficult for them to compete and innovate in a constantly changing marketplace.”

“HPE was the first to recognize the need to deliver a unified and consistent cloud experience, from edge to cloud, with HPE GreenLake. Today’s announcement builds on this strategy, by enabling our customers to break down silos and leverage data, wherever it resides, with unified data operations,” he added.

HPE’s vision for a new data experience is the Unified DataOps. It combines cloud-native management, data-centric practices, and AI-driven expertise. It will drive operational efficiency across edge-to-cloud, dissolve data processing and storage silos, promote info-driven growth, and reduce market risk.

“As we enter the Age of Insight, HPE is providing the ideal platform for organizations seeking to apply distributed data to fuel AI initiatives, deliver new customer experiences, and drive digital transformation,” Neri noted.

Tom Black, HPE Storage Senior Vice President, and General Manager said “HPE is changing the storage game by bringing a full cloud operational model to our customers’ on-premises environments.”

“Bringing the cloud operational model to where data lives accelerate digital transformation, streamlines data management, and will help our customers innovate faster than ever before.”

Matt Eastwood, IDC’s SVP said “HPE’s vision and strategy for Unified DataOps is promising as it takes an original approach to solving this burgeoning problem. As an industry leader, HPE is providing the market with answers for how to capitalize on information, wherever it resides, to transform their business with data.”