Hulu Unveils New Video Ad Format, Targets Avid Viewers

Streaming service Hulu announced its newest video advertisement format geared towards viewers who binge-watch shows. The concept was first announced in May 2019 but was only unveiled on Thursday, December 12, 2019.

Plans for the ad format targeting binge-watchers was revealed to the public last May during the NewFronts presentation. The annual conference allowed Hulu to provide new advertisement formats to its investors, alongside introducing its newest shows and other added features, notes Tech Crunch.

According to CNBC, the streaming service aims to provide avid viewers rewards with a commercial-free episode. However, this particular experience will only be ‘unlocked’ should the viewer watch three or more episodes.

In a blog post, Hulu announced its ad experience in partnership with Publicis Media. Publicis Media is reportedly is only agency partner in the industry. Advertisers who have partnered with Hulu and Public Media include Georgia-Pacific, Kellogg’s, and Maker’s Mark.

Hulu New Video Ad Format


In line with this, viewers can expect brands and other promotional videos showing different products from the respective companies. Among those included in the roster is Cheez-It’s Snap’d snacks, Georgia Pacific’s Sparkle paper towels, and Marker’s Mark bourbon, which reveals Tech Crunch.

In a statement, chief marketing officer of Kellogg’s North America Gail Horwood said its Cheez-It Snap’d snack fit perfectly with its viewers because “[it] was specifically designed for munching during TV viewing.” At the same time, this approach “allows us to be an intrinsic part of this unique snacking occasion and taps into the thrilling TV fans have when they’re racing through their favorite shows.”

Likewise, Georgia-Pacific vice president Jason Ippen also said that the Sparkle brand is “excited that it was not only a great fit with our campaign message but an innovative ad product that is grounded in our consumer’s evolving media behavior.”

The new binge ad format created by Hulu caters to advertisers who are looking for less-intrusive and annoying ways to market their products. In the same way, CNBC states that viewers who experience this particular approach are looking for more seamless integrations.


To gauge viewers who binge-watch shows, Hulu maintains that those who watch three or more episodes will qualify for the ad format. Based on its press release, the streaming platform will continue to provide a “creative execution [that] then serves contextually relevant messaging from our brand partners that acknowledges a binge-watching session has begun.”

CNBC states that once the viewer arrives at his or her third consecutive episode, a message will flash on screen saying the succeeding episode will be free from ads.

The video advertisement experience is geared towards binge-watchers primarily because this is a common occurrence among viewers, says Hulu.