Hundreds of cloud controlled smart door locks rendered useless after faulty update

Posted 18 August 2017 17:55 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Hundreds of owners of a smart door lock with an internet connection could no longer open their door after a faulty update. The affected locks are the RemoteLock LS6i locks from the American company Lockstate which currently sell at $469 at Amazon. The lock can be opened with a key, pin code or through Wifi.

According to Lockstate only a handful of the its owners were affected by the faulty update. The company claims that about 500 users were no longer able to open their doors.

Because the locks can be (un)locked through Wifi, it’s used by AirBnB landlords to provide guests access to their property without a key. Through AirBnB they can provide tenants with their own temporary access code.

Those users could no longer access their rented property after the faulty update. Although the affected locks could still be opened with a physical key, many AirBnB guest only had a code.

Lockstate claims affected customers only require a new software update. However, some users report they have to dismount their lock and sent it to the manufacturer to get it working again.

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