IBM Beefs Up Cloud Paks to Accelerate Automation


American multinational tech and consulting company International Business Machines (IBM) is climbing on the ladders of the hybrid cloud sector, launching new updates on its data storing capabilities.

The company announced that deploying artificial intelligence, securing orchestration, and automation can reduce the cost of breaches by an average of $3.58 million. With this, the company is accelerating offers for storing data and applications on the cloud.


As more businesses transition to cloud storage, IBM designs a better way to automate data-intensive processes. This update helps streamline the software provisioning and patching, as well as improving data discovery and processing.

IBM Cloud Paks to Accelerate Automation

IBM’s hybrid cloud environments on Cloud Pak for Data and Automation are updated to integrate AI capabilities that run on Red Hat OpenShift. This will be available on Nov. 20, 2020, opening up doors for better storage capabilities for retail, banking, supply chain forecasting, and management industries.


The update includes assets like sample data sets to build machine learning models and sample dashboards. It also includes the Watson Machine Learning Accelerator (WML-A), to provide deep learning service capability.

“Cloud Pak offerings are integrated with AI and give companies a consistent experience from Pak to Pak. And because they run on Red Hat OpenShift, clients can deploy and manage them on any cloud environment, be it on-premise, or public cloud,” said IBM vice president Michael Gilfix.

The tech giant also announced they’ll drive the automation and data management capabilities across the enterprise, to benefit different clients. In addition to the AI capabilities, the company is also utilizing Federated Learning update to optimize workloads on the cloud.

Quick Scan enhancements are also deployed for data discovery and deeper analytics. These things can make enterprises understand the business operations better, and establish new business models or strategies for bigger profits.

Cloud Pak for Automation also receives an update on eliminating manual document processing, simulations, and business processes. The robotic process automation tools came from IBM’s acquisition of WDG Automation, benefiting its wealth of customers.

In line with security, the new updates have more advanced processes and incident response teams to further the data security on the cloud. Added 21 percent of SOAR tools were deployed to cater to a more hectic cloud environment, as more companies allow at-home operations.

IBM also found out that the majority of the organizations shift to remote working, increasing the breach response and hacking incidents.