IBM Creates High-Performance AI Solutions for Yottabyte Configurations

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) released an announcement unveiling high-performance, cost-efficient artificial intelligence solutions to scale yottabyte configurations.

The multinational technology company introduced new offerings on July 19, upgrading the COS storage engine to 55GB/s in a 12-node configuration. Tailing on the Elastic Storage System 5000, generally available on August 87, IBM also created a single 8-HDD-enclosure node.

The IBM Cloud Object Storage boost on-premise and hybrid cloud object storage from multiple network locations. This storage can streamline data in applications, backup files, archive to speed up artificial intelligence collection and integration.

IBM Creates High-Performance AI Solutions

HPC workflows and big data are also upgraded to increase system performance and accelerate object data processing. The storage supports increasing data capacity of drives, to conventional magnetic recording (CMR) HDDs.

More than accelerating data processes, storage of big data, and backup files, IBM also provides data cataloging, indexing, during ingests, and the export of data. The AI solutions and storage systems also support advanced application creations in the cloud.

New HDD and SSD Storage

IBM also announced the new HDD and SSD storage and software to scale-out file storage in the cloud. With cutting-edge storage and software, data storage is streamlined, and processing becomes faster than normal.

The multinational tech company also develops new AI solutions for industrial customers, bringing storage closer to a device’s physical location. When the edge nodes are closer to the Internet of Things (IoT), devices boost its speed and processing power, reliability needed by most companies.

The rollout of 5G networks can run up to 100 times faster than 4G networks. Combining hybrid cloud, edge computing, asset management, and connectivity solutions, IBM provides ideal telecommunications IT services.

“The trend we see in the market is clear. Clients want to modernize apps, move more workloads to the cloud and automate IT tasks,” said IBM boss Arvind Krishna.

Cloud Acceleration

IBM continually boosts profit in the second quarter this year, rooted from a massive shift to the cloud computing services by large enterprises. Due to the pandemic, more and more companies depended on the cloud to store data and this has helped the company increase its sales to 5 percent.

The company focused on high-margin cloud computing business and tap companies who are in need of a digital shift to boost productivity, security, and efficiency.

IBM’s cloud revenue rose 30 percent this second quarter or $6.3 billion after Krishna took over in April.