IBM Launches New Highest-Capacity Flash Storage System

To expand its enterprise-class storage offerings for enterprises of all sizes, IBM introduced a new high-performance flash storage system on entry-level and upgraded hybrid cloud and container technology.

IBM offers some of the market’s highest-performing storage solutions. One of the most successful all-flash solutions of IBM is its FlashSystem family. It is currently available for non-mainframe enterprise workloads.

The unique FlashCore technology is at the core of IBM’s ability to create storage systems of this caliber. To provide the best combination of capacity, performance, and reliability, FlashCore combines the right blend of flash media and embedded intelligence.

IBM Launches Flash Storage System

With its branded Smart Data Placement capability, IBM’s FlashCore technology enables the company to do intelligent integration of QLC NAND and other flash systems, delivering a degree of multi-dimensional efficiency that is difficult to match.

Eric Herzog, IBM Chief Marketing Officer, and Global Storage Channels Vice President said, the FlashSystem portfolio is a hybrid cloud and container-centric provided that architecture is generally used for digital transformation initiatives.

For example, Herzog noted that both Microsoft Azure and AWS can connect to FlashSystem 5200.

“The FlashSystem 5200 brings high-end features to smaller enterprises, remote offices, and edge computing,” said Herzog. He stated that the systems, accessible via the channel, use the same software and APIs as the higher-end portfolio.

In a press release, IBM Storage general manager Denis Kennelly gave more insight into the company’s new flash storage systems, saying, “As the world moves more rapidly to hybrid cloud, modernized data storage is at the foundation.”

“Systems that provide global data availability, data resilience, automation, and enterprise-class data services are more critical than ever. Today’s announcement is designed to bring these capabilities to organizations of any size,” Kennelly added.

The new FlashSystem 5200 of IBM addresses the entry-level enterprise storage market and the space-constrained enterprise edge applications. This system serves as a replacement to the FlashSystem 5100, which offers features unavailable in the entry-level enterprise storage market.

The FlashSystem 5200 begins with 38TB of storage capacity and can expand to deliver 1.7PB in a compact 1U form factor for space-constrained environments. FlashSystem 5015 and 5035, two systems that feature 2U form factors, were also introduced by IBM.

IBM declared its intentions to continue advancing hybrid cloud capabilities across its storage portfolio. The company will add support for IBM Cloud Satellite to the FlashSystem portfolio, IBM Elastic Storage System, BM Spectrum Scale, and IBM San Volume Controller when the FlashSystem 5200 becomes widely available in March.