Imperva Launches Data Privacy Compliance Management Tool

IT security company Imperva recently released the Data Privacy designed to help enterprises comply with privacy laws, according to a released statement published on Globe Newswire. The new feature is included in the company’s Data Privacy offerings.

The service is expected to help organizations protect their and their customer’s data, including access points. This added privacy solution comes in light of growing concerns regarding the security and protection of customer details obtained by companies.

The need for increased security intensifies as more and more companies are accused of leaking and sharing user information with marketers and advertisers. Laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are meant to address such laws.

Imperva Data Privacy Compliance Management Tool

Some states in the US are also starting to legislate similar laws including California with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Moreover, over 107 countries have enacted similar laws.

Imperva senior director of privacy David Valovcin commented that security is the minimum organizations need to protect customers. However, this may no longer be sufficient what with the increased incidents of cyber-attacks across the globe.

To minimize possibilities of breaches and leaks, the cybersecurity company came up with this too, based on the Sonar Platform technology, which seeks to help enterprises by automating the security process.

Valovcin explained to VentureBeat, “Discovery, figuring out how and where the data is, has traditionally been done by spreadsheets and interviewing data custodians or data owners.”

“It’s very manual. And it’s inaccurate because it’s relying on human memory. What this does is automate that process,” he added.

The results of automation are expected to reduce errors by minimizing manual, human involvement in order to maintain continuous and consistent compliance to data privacy laws.

To further explain how it works, the company’s website said, “Imperva Data Privacy leverages the services of Imperva Sonar, a market proven technology platform, used by thousands of the largest and most data-driven organizations in the world.”

Basically, Data Privacy uses the company’s expertise in database discovery, as well as organization, classification, and management to automate the process of securing consumers’ info.

The new service can cover all kinds of business-related data including on-premises, hybrid, cloud, managed database services, and big data. It also simplifies and unifies data protection, reporting, audit retention, incident resolution, risk mitigation, and forensics.

As it is built on the Sonar Platform, it is anticipated to provide easier deployment and monitoring. This also makes the solution much more efficient and effective, allowing organizations to comply with privacy regulations.