Informatics Firm Dotmatics Buys BioBright for Data Automation


Scientific data analytics company Dotmatics recently acquired bioresearch firm BioBright, said BusinessWire. This move was taken by Dotmatics to further develop its automation for laboratory data processes and research.

Dotmatics chose BioBright for its focus on laboratory data flow automation, from laboratory tools straight to cloud storage. The Boston-based firm is known for its smart solutions that aid in innovating laboratories to transition to data-centric research.


This move by Dotmatics is a move to design a solution that combines laboratory data gathering and processing, as well as an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and data analytics. This all-in-one solution will be supplied by one vendor, which is BioBright.

Dotmatics Buys BioBright for Data Automation

This minimizes research organizations’ need to deal with multiple vendors, thus, streamlining their partnerships while also improving their productivity.


Dotmatics co-founder and chief executive officer Dr. Stepher Gallagher said that the partnership with BioBright is “an exciting milestone in the history of Dotmatics and also hugely significant for our customers and the wider industry.”

He added, “We are delighted to welcome out new BioBright colleagues to Dotmatics and look forward to working together to create a game-changing solution for our customers’ journey towards the Lab of the Future.”

Using this tech, every data source such as instruments, users, or CROs will be funneled into a centralized database. It will undergo end-to-end workflows, which will enable researchers to improve lab efficiency, as well as make better decisions.

Laboratories that are able to fully integrate this digitalization technology into its system will be considered a Lab of the Future,” which the life science and the general scientific industries recognize as “critical to turning around the productivity deficit in research.”

Moreover, it is also expected to offer a data foundation that is secure and sturdy. Such a system is expected to improve decisions through the eventual creation and integration of next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through BioBright’s solutions, researchers have been able to make internal and external info gathering go along faster and more efficiently through network and automation. This tech also comes with validation and integrity evaluation, which makes it dynamic.

During its early years, the company was funded by the Defense Advance Research projects Agency to achieve what it has reached today. Its team consists of experts from various known organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Cornell, IBM, Ginkgo Bioworks, and Perkin-Elmer.