Innodisk Announces New Solution for Securing Data in IoT

Flash and DRAM solutions provider Innodisk announced a new solution that will combine blockchain technology to the IoT environment for better data encryption and recovery.

The company targets enterprises that use IoT for running applications, proposing better security in storing data and POS systems. What’s new is, data are written to the SSD and the system prepares to encrypt these pieces of information to a hash string in a specific data set.

From here, the hash string will spread on the blockchain network and is distributed to various unique and authorized computers. The hash string is attached or chained into the network for better security, as the encrypted data will show discrepancies if there are.

Innodisk Securing Data in IoT

Called the InnoBTS SSD, this hardware-run digital offering uses sophisticated public and private keys for every file, with the receiver verifying the sender. The system has a powerful internal safety zone and creates a private key. At the same time, the InnoBTS SSD produces a public key accessible for anyone to verify the sender.

Innodisk’s new technology combines cutting-edge data integrity and move several functions for a better firmware. Data streaming is also possible for increasing productivity and reliant on a blockchain network, experiencing no security threats on the network.

InnoBTS SSD is suitable for any AI application, especially helpful for smart cities, vehicles, factories, and intelligence surveillance. Organizations and companies can utilize the storage for effective data transferring, storage, and security.

Dynamic Control Systems

The InnoBTS SSD also brings new advances to object detection, behavior identification, and traffic flow monitoring. For the radical IoT solution, the company has been partnering with numerous organizations and countries to implement AIoT to streets.

Taipei is the recent one to close a deal with Innodisk for innovating the city streets. The partnership includes access to EPS-APL and InnoAGE SSD to ease traffic congestion in busy areas and highways.

The country’s department of transportation will enable Innodisk’s technology to manage street surveillance, all the while making use of the smarter edge devices. There’s even remote control operating system to guarantee no data corruption and operating system failure.

More than security and tech advancement, Innodisk is bringing convenience to the table for both vehicles and pedestrians in Taipei. The solution brought upon is conducting computing processes and analysis, to ensure traffic jams will be reduced by 10 to 15 percent and lower the costs up to 85 percent.