Instagram Unveils TikTok Clone Reels

Social media platform Instagram exclusively launched its new video format called ‘Reels’ in Brazil last Tuesday, November 12, 2019. The new video format is called Cenas in the country and is primarily rolled out for testing purposes.

The video-music feature allows users to film 15-second video clips while adding music. Afterward, users have the option of sharing the clips via the Instagram Stories feature. Under the ‘explore’ section, users can browse the Top Reels depending on the music or meme added by the user.

Reels brings an elevated video-making feature that allows viral content to top and circulate within the billions of users. Based on The Verge’s report, creators may also share vids via DM or directly post via the explore tab.

Additional and complementary features that go with Reels include editing tools, timed captions, and ghost overlay options. Video filters and other special effects can be expected in the future, notes Tech Crunch.

Prior to unveiling its new video-making format in Brazil, The Verge previously reported the tool will be called Scenes. The new site’s attention was called by software engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

The special feature is available for a limited time and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices in Brazil.

Instagram Reels

Why Brazil

Instagram’s new to was unveiled in Brazil primarily because the nation had a huge IG community. Product management director Robby Stein says Brazil’s deep musical culture and booming creative community is best for its testing phase.

Likewise, Brazilians are not as “obsessed” with TikTok compared to other Asian markets, notes Tech Crunch. This strategic move is made under the advice of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. To gauge the effectiveness of the feature, IG rolled out the tool where other competitors are not as popular.

Reels Under Fire

According to Tech Crunch, Reels bears similarities to the Chinese social media application TikTok. The most prominent features which were seemingly copied from TikTok are the Reels soundtrack. The addition of using popular Internet jokes or memes are pioneered by the Chinese app.

While Stein recognizes TikTok’s revolutionary creation, Stein maintains “no two products are exactly the same.” Stein said, “sharing video with music is a pretty universal idea we think everyone might be interested in using.” “The focus has been on how to make this a unique format for us,” insists the IG product management head.

Monetization by the social media platform will be coursed through Reels via ads.