Integral Memory reveals 512GB microSD card

The British company Integral Memory today revealed world’s largest microSD card with a capacity of 512GB. The company has beaten Sandisk which previously held the record of ‘world’s largest microSD card’.Integral Memory reveals 512GB microSD card

The Sandisk card can hold 400GB and was introduced in August last year. The 512GB micro SD card from Integral Memory meets the Video Speed Class 10 (V10) standard, ensuring fast data transfers.

According to Integral’s marketing manager James Danton, customers require more storage space now mobile devices, “have become essential to many in everyday life”.

Especially the popularity of photo and video apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Netflix and Instagram drive the need for more storage on mobile devices. The microSD card can be used to expand storage capacity on smartphones and tablets. It can also be used in digital cameras and drones.


Integral plans to make the card available in February this year, but the company has not disclosed any pricing information.