Intel Haswell’s integrated GPU runs Skyrim on 1920×1080 – fluently

During the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Intel showed that the integrated GPU of the Haswell CPU is able to run the game Skyrim fluently on a resolution of 1920×1080. During IDF, Intel is showcasing the Haswell CPUs which will become available next year. Rumors on the chips leaked to the internet before and said that the chips would consume less watts, better graphics and overall performance.

The rumors all seem to become reality as Intel reveals more details on the Haswell chips. During the IDF keynote, Intel already showed that the integrated Haswell GPU was a big improvement over the integrated Ivy Bridge GPU.

They benchmarked the Haswell chip  with the Unigine benchmark and demonstrated that they doubled the performance of the integrated GPU of the  Haswell chip compared to the integrated GPU of Ivy Bridge. When delivering the same performance, the Haswell chip used half of the watss the Ivy Bridge chip consumed.

Intel Haswell's integrated GPU runs Skyrim on 1920x1080 - fluently

The Haswell chip that fluently ran Skyrim on 1920×1080 wasn’t specified other than that it was a mobile CPU which was build into a desktop system, however we expect it to be the high end Haswell GT3.

Next to it was an Ivy Bridge notebook which could also run Skyrim fluently but only on a 1366×768 resolution. The options ‘aa’ and ‘8x’ were turned off, the rest of the settings were set on ‘high’. Unfortunately the frame rate on both systems wasn’t disclosed.