Intel officially shows SSD overclocing – 22% improvement

Intel has demonstrated SSD overclocking during the game event PAX Prime in Seattle. As we recently posted the overclocking features were demonstrated using the Intel Extreme Overclocking Utility. The chip giant showcased the overclock using an Intel DC 3500 series SSD.


  The overclocking of both the NAND and the SSD controller resulted in a maximum performance boost of up to 22%. During the demonstration Intel showed the performance of the drive using AS SSD Benchmark. As expected the NAND could be overclocked from the default 83 Mhz to 100 Mhz and the controller from 400 Mhz to 625 Mhz.

By increasing the clock-speed of the NAND and keeping the controller on its default clock-speed an increase of AS SSDs score of 14% was achieved for sequential reading and writing. When the controller and NAND clock-speeds where at their maximum,  AS SSD showed a 16,1% higher score compared to the default settings.


IOPS scores clearly benefit most from overclocking, with the controller at its maximum 625 Mhz and the NAND at the maximum 100 Mhz,  the AS SSD score was 22% higher than when using default settings. More information can be found in an overview with screenshots and pictures on Legitreviews.

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